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Born and raised in Bombay, India – the two of us have found our ways to turn back to our roots whether it is for the love or for food. Both of which are difficult to live without and so we decided to combine them to fulfill our passion for the love of food, Bombay street food. Being the first Indian Food Truck in St Louis, we promise to bring you the famous Bombay street food experience ranging from chaats to pizzas to curries. That’s right, Bombay street food is an amalgamation of foods from all over the country. Lets not forget the British touch which left us with sandwiches and Pizzas, Chinese foods adapted to Indian taste, Dosas and Idlis from the south of India and the rich history of spices mixed with healthy ingredients is what this street food is all about, sweet-spicy and savory. This food truck will fulfill the niche of providing St.Louisians with a unique food experience and much more. We want to bring the taste as well as the experience we grew up with to the city of St Louis. We promise the freshness and taste that lingers on!!!.

Thank you for your support,

Krupa and Sid Panchal


Bombay (Mumbai) is the capital city of Maharashtra state in India. It is the fourth most populous city in the world. It is one of the world’s top 10 centers of commerce when comes to global financial flow. Mumbai’s culture is a blend of traditional festivals, music, food and theatres.

Mumbai is truly a cosmopolitan city, colorful and truly happening – Bollywood industry gives this city an extra charm. This city is especially famous for its street foods – food sold by hawkers from portable stalls. In fact it is one of the characteristics of this city. People from all economic classes eat on the roadside round the clock with some food vendors opening stalls at midnight.

There is a famous saying that this city never sleeps. Vendor foods sometimes ranks higher than the restaurants cause it is all about the experience. Bombayites (now termed as Mumbaikers) love their cutting chai (half glass hot tea) with biscuit as an all-time favorite beverage/snack along with hot vada pav (spicy potato filling dipped in chick pea flour and deep fried – served with garlic peanut and cilantro chutney).

Mumbaikers although from different class, gender, religions and ethnicity share a common passion for the street foods. In fact to such an extent that street foods has become an integral part of Mumbai’s culture. This kind of food is relatively inexpensive and available at almost all the nooks and corners of the streets round the clock. Some of the lanes in Mumbai lined with food vendors are famously known as Khau Galli (food lanes).

Committed to Bombay street food experience
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Made to order
Locally sourced
Vegetarian/vegan friendly
Unique yet memorable!!!!

On 26th March, 2013, we successfully completed our KickStarter Project titled "First Vegetarian/Vegan Indian Food Truck Needs a Personality". This was a 21 day project which started off with us making a homemade video on our iPad over a chilly morning in  front of our truck and ended with us finding 94 like minded friends from around the world.

The project was successfully funded, which allowed us to wrap our food truck in the exciting colors influenced by the Indian Flag and motifs. We will always we grateful to our backers, without whom our dream would have taken much longer than expected.

This page is dedicated to our awesome backers whose generosity is something we will always be indebted to.

Here are our backers, divided into 4 unique categories

Platinum Backers  

Kirk Damman
Ruth Thompson
Murtuza Shakeel
Rajeev Mammen

Gold Backers

Sidd Krishnamurthy
Sameer/Anuja Dorle
Caitlin Fagan
Kaushang Parikh
Katharine Stavrinou
Vrinda Panchal
Hemant/Sampatty Shah

Silver Backers

Kendall & Joni Killgore
Jimish Doshi
Rahul Parikh
Anuradha Kabra
Taruna Hariani
Vivart Patel
Satheesh Kumar
Gaurav Karandikar
Aarti Mallik
Anup Mayekar
Vinay Nalla
Josh & Vicky Van Horsen
Eldho Thomas
Sudha Manyam
Martha Brennan
Arun Aggarwal
Eric Vachon
Stan Day
Tim Ehrhart
Patrick Quinn
Suresh Mohapatra
Manasi Ranade
Raines Cohen
Nagendar Kishen Surapaneni
Nisha Nicoletti
Sapna Shah
Adrienne Burkemper


Bronze Backers

Jeff Pupillo
Sarah Adams Schwartz
Ajay S Iyer
Adam Whaley
Dave and Liz Nelson
Jimmy Shah
Vidyasri Gadidala
Michael Hellrich
Tom Dimig
Prema Raj
Michael Ogle
Anuj Sharma
Nick Myers
Jay Haugen
Hiten Dharavat
Praveen Poosapati
Bobby Thomas
Joanne Zap
sumedha baberwal
Dino Nicastro
ravi uppalapati
Srilakshmi Yenamandra
Karthik Balasubramanian
Rahul Singh
Mandy Presley
Ryan M
Keerthi Nandan
Praveen Krishna
Sumaya Thajib
Joe Ruiz
Seema Jain
Belle Terziev
Justin Duiguid
Robert Dahlgren
patricia hall
Shradha Khurana
chris johnson
Devon-Gabriel X Britton
Jenny Daner Lalor
Gayathri Subramanian
Leah Willoughby
skott daltonic
christine novalis
Austin Wright
Sapper Joe