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This gallery features our extensive menu. We typically serve about 3-5 items from this list on the truck. We almost always will have our Wraps, Mango Lassi and Pizzas.

  • Vada Pav (vegan on request)
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    Vada Pav (vegan on request)[Satisfying | Flavorful | Spicy ]

    This is Bombay’s Number one Fast Food. No Street Corner is complete in Bombay without a Hawker selling these. It’s a mashed potato patty spiced to perfection, Golden Fried and Served on a Special Bun (Pav). We top it with our trademark garlic-peanut chutney.

  • Samosa Pav (vegan on request)
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    Samosa Pav (vegan on request)[ Sweet | Spicy | Crunchy]

    For Die Hard Samosa Fans, this is a remake of Vada Pav. Crispy Pastry Stuffed with Potatoes, Peas, Carrots and Spices, served on a Special Bun (Pav) with Tamarind and Jalapeno Chutneys. We can serve this on a vegan bun for our Vegan Friends!!!

  • Roti Wraps (Vegan on Request)
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    Roti Wraps (Vegan on Request)[ Satisfying | Flavorful ]

    Roti Wraps or ‘Frankies’ are the favorite ‘any time/any place’ meal for the street folks in Bombay. We start with a warm Crispy Naan-Wrap, fill it with either crumbled veggie patty, top it with Cilantro-Jalapeno Spread (Masala Wrap)or curried paneer (Paneer Wrap), top it with marinated onions and spices.

  • Pav Bhaji
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    Pav Bhaji[Satisfying | Flavorful | Spicy ]

    The Pav Bhaji is a spicy preparation with a mixture of mashed vegetables (potatoes, bell peppers, peas), a generous dose of fresh tomatoes, a dollop of butter, optional toppings of cheese and marinated onions, consumed with warm bread gently or crispy toasted in butter - an all-time, anytime favorite with Bombayites.

  • Samosa Chole (vegan)
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    Samosa Chole (vegan)[Satisfying | Flavorful | Spicy | Crunchy]

    This is BFJ’s #1 Selling Item. Two Pastries Filled with a mixture of Potatoes, Peas, Carrots and Spices, doused with Chick Pea Curry, Marinated onions and Sweet/Spicy Chutneys. This is a meal in itself providing the necessary nutrients and satisfaction!!!

  • Dosa (vegan on request)
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    Dosa (vegan on request)[ Light | Crispy | Spicy | Tangy ]

    Dosa is crispy Crepe made from Fermented Rice and Lentils Batter. This staple dish from South India has found its way to streets of India. We stuff the Dosas with variety of fillings and serve it with a chutney made with Coconut and Spices.

  • Uttapam (vegan on request)
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    Uttapam (vegan on request)[ Satisfying | Flavorful ]

    Uttapam is a Large Pan Cake made from Fermented Rice and Lentils Batter. Uttapams can be topped with Variety of toppings like Onions, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Cheese and Chilies. They are served hot with Coconut Chutney.

  • Bhel Puri (vegan)
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    Bhel Puri (vegan)[Light | Sweet | Tangy | Spicy]

    Bhel Puri is one of the most favorite snacks of the people of Bombay. Its savory snack made with Puffed Rice, chopped Onions, Potatoes, Raw Mango, Fried Thin Chick Pea noodles. It gets its savoriness from sweet, tangy and spicy chutneys.

  • Sev Puri (vegan)
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    Sev Puri (vegan)[Light | Sweet | Tangy | Crunchy]

    Sev Puri is like Bhel Puri Side-Kick. It’s a dish made by topping Seven Chick Pea Crackers (Puri) with Potatoes, Onions, Fried Thin Chick Pea Noodles. The crackers are doused with Sweet/Spicy/Tangy Chutneys. Its seasoned with Fresh Lime Juice and Chaat Masala.

  • Paani Puri (vegan)
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    Paani Puri (vegan)[Light | Sweet | Spicy | Crunchy]

    Paani Puri is an ubiquitous dish called by different names all around India. This is best eaten fresh hand served and customized to your liking. Small Crispy Fried Spheres (Puri) are Filled with Tangy Mixture of Potatoes and Chick Pea, Mint Water and Tamarind Chutney

  • Dahi Puri
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    Dahi Puri[Light | Sweet | Tangy | Crunchy]

    Dahi Puri is like Paani Puri’s Sweet Sister. Crispy Fried Spheres are filled with Tangy Potatoes/Chick Pea mixture. Its topped with Sweetened yogurt, Spices and Thin Fried Chick Pea Noodles. This dish can be made spicy or mild as per your taste.

  • Samosa Chaat
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    Samosa Chaat[Light | Sweet | Tangy | Crunchy]

    Samosa Chaat is a Sweet and Tangy twist on the Samosa Chole. We Chop up the Samosa, douse it with a generous portion of Sweetened Yogurt. Its sprinkled with spices, onions, Thin Fried Noodles and Cilantro. This can be customized to suit your taste.

  • Almond-Cashew-Saffron Kulfi
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    Almond-Cashew-Saffron Kulfi

    Almond-Cashew-Saffron Kulfi [ Sweet | Satisfying | Flavorful ] This is one of our signature Desserts. This is traditionally served in Clay pot back on Streets of Bombay. This is made from Almonds, Cashews and Saffron mixed in Milk, Cream, Sugar and Cardamom. It has a very rich and lingering taste.

  • Royal Rose Kulfi
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    Royal Rose Kulfi[ Sweet | Satisfying | Flavorful ]

    We take Best Quality Gulkand (Rose Preserve), mix it with Rose Syrup; its blended with Milk, Cream and Sugar to make this hugely popular dessert. It has a mildly flowery flavor and aroma. Best enjoyed on a hot summer day!!!

  • Mango Lassi
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    Mango Lassi[ Sweet | Satisfying | Flavorful ]

    This is hand down the number one ordered item at any Indian Restaurant. This is a very simple yet delicious drink. We blend sweetened freshly made yogurt with real mango pulp. This smooth drink is best served chilled with a few cubes of Ice.

  • Sweet Paan
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    Sweet Paan[ Sweet | Flavorful ]

    This is a sweet variation of traditional betel leaf chewed by millions in Asia. We take Fresh Betel Leaf, put a dollop of Rose Petel Preserve, put Dried Coconut, Dried Fruits, Fennel Seeds, Cherry and a bunch of other ingredients. Wrap the Leaf and serve it cold.

  • Falooda
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    Falooda[ Sweet | Satisfying | Flavorful ]

    Falooda was once a royal drink of the Moguls. It’s a trademark Bombay Drink/Dessert. It is a unique mix of numerous ingredients. We mix Milk with Rose Syrup, Vermicelli, Basil Seeds, Dry Fruits and Ice Cream (Optional).