December 9, 2015

People often ask us, what is this Chaat you guys keep talking about. People who did not grow up in Bombay (or Mumbai) do not really know about Chaat. So lets chat about Chaat. 


"Chaat" in Hindi, literally means to "lick". The notion of Chaat comes from the idea that the food is so yummy, you end up licking your hands after you finish every last grain on your plate. To be honest, its not far from truth.


Most of the Chaat items are served in old plates/bowls made from folded newspaper or some cheesy movie magazine and eaten with hands or a make-shift paper spoon.



The food to an outsider seems a very weird concotion of many colorful and spicy items. Its usually sold by a street hawker who moves around with a very large basket full of different ingredients and are mixed right in front of you as soon as you order it.




It can be customized to be sweet for the faint at heart and super spicy for the brave ones. The street snacks are usually eaten right away or on the go, hence the displsabl...

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August 2, 2016

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