Sustainability : Our Pledge

  1. No Animal Products Used in the Kitchen.

  2. 100% Compost Rate (We compost 100% of the Organic waste)

  3. 100% Recycle Rate (We recycle 100% of the items that are recyclable)

  4. 100% LED Lights (Kitchen and Dining Area)

  5. No Styrofoam Containers or Plastic Carry bags

  6. No Single-Use Plastic (Throw Away Spoons/Forks)

  7. 100% Bio-Degradable Cutlery (Bamboo Cutlery)

  8. 100% Bio-Degradable Straws and To-Go Bags

  9. 100% Compostable To-go Cups

  10. Fully Recyclable/Compostable To-Go Boxes

  11. All the Tables in the Dining area are Reclaimed and Refinished by the Owners.

  12. Wall Behind the order counter is entirely made of Reclaimed Pallet Wood.

  13. All the wall furnishing is made from Reclaimed laminate floor.

  14. Reuse-Recycle-Reduce wherever possible

  15. Remain a 5 STAR GDA Restaurant