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Milk Shakes

All Our Milkshakes are Hand-churned. We use OATLY Softserve and fresh ingredients only. 

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Belgian Chocolate

We blend the best quality and authentic Belgian Cocoa with vanilla soft serve. The milkshake is then topped with some chocolate chips and lightly drizzled with chocolaty goodness that can only be enjoyed slowly. This is a milkshake for true chocolate lovers who keeps coming back.

Blueberry Pie

Have you ever eaten a Blueberry Pie? If Yes, you know the sweet and tart blueberry flavors complimenting the sweetness of pie crust. We mix fresh blueberry pulp, and blend it with our vegan vanilla soft serve and vegan cookie crumbs. Enjoy this crowd pleaser with a dollop of plant-based whipped topping.

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Cookies n Cream (Oreo)

Did you know Oreos are accidentally vegan? The cookie with a creamy filling between two chocolate cookies is perfectly blended with our dairy free soft-serve to create our Number 1 selling milkshake. It's a festival of flavors in your mouth from the first to the last sip. May we recommend adding our vegan whipped topping to create a complete experience?

Falooda (Rose Flavored Milkshake)

Falooda is an traditional Indian dessert that originated in the North India and has been adopted in different parts of India in different flavors and forms. We make our falooda with Rose flavor. The vanilla soft serve is mixed with rose flavor, basil seeds, some corn vermicelli. We top off the milkshake with fruit bits, crushed cashews and dried rose petals.

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Mango is a tropical fruit abundantly available in India. We take mango pulp thats made with 100% mango juice and blend it with dairy free vanilla softserve. If you are looking for a milkshake that has a freshness of tropical mangoes and creaminess of milkshake, order this for sure.

Orange Dreamsicle (Seasonal)

All natural navel orange extract mixed with vanilla softserve creates a vegan twist to a popular fastfood orange milkshake. We serve this with a slice of dried orange slice and optional whipped topping. Its like drinking breakfast with your dinner.  

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Shamrock (Seasonal)

This classic milkshake made famous by a fastfood chain is a hit amongst mint lovers. We usually bring this in during the month of March (St. Pats Day). Natural peppermint flavors churned with dairy free vanilla softserve creates this minty connotation that is hard to resist. We take our shamrock shake a notch higher by adding some vegan Chocolate Chips. This gives you a chocolate crunch with a minty milkshake. Mint-Chocolate Chip ice cream lovers rejoice!!!


We buy strawberries in bulk and create a puree that taste amazing and fresh. We blend our dairy free softserve with the strawberry puree to create a perfect sweet and tart flavor. Its Strawberry milkshake, need we say more?

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