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Sid and I, natives of Bombay (or Mumbai), India want to invite you to our Green kitchen based in our beloved city of St. Louis. We want to share Bombay's famous street foods with our guests. We want to showcase that vegan food can be diverse and flavorful if not more.

We believe that mother Earth has given us a lot over the centuries and now it's our time to take care of her. It's scientifically proven that Plant-based meals and a vegan lifestyle, in general, are good for our health and the health of our planet.

At BFJ, we use fresh and local produce with authentic spices; spices that taste amazing and provide a wealth of health. Our meals are cooked with love and kindness in a hope that they will spread our message everywhere. 


In 2013, we started our journey with the first-ever 100% vegetarian Indian food truck in St Louis. During all these years, we have received a tremendous amount of Love and Support from the folks of STL. We have faced and continue to face challenges that have made us stronger and more resilient. It is the Love of the folks like yourself that keeps us moving forward.

We want to thank each and every one who ate with us and gave us their love and support so we could achieve our dream of opening a full-time restaurant. We hope that St Louis will continue to support our mission towards sustainability and a smaller carbon footprint. 

- Krupa and Sid Panchal

Our Mission And Belief

"Making our world a better place, one meal at a time".
We strive to have a world full of compassion and equality for all sentient beings.
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