August 2, 2016

Can you believe it, its already August and we have only 5 months before 2017 is here. With August here, we have put the busiest Food Truck events behind us and we will be back at our All You Can Eat Dine-In 3 nights a week, Wed-Fri-Sun from 5-9PM. (3580 Adie Road, St. Ann, MO 63074)

We have made some small changes to the Menu at our dine-in based on the gust feedback.

We now have a soup of the day to start off your Unique Dine-In experience. Followed by a 3 course Dinner and Dessert. 

Course 1 consists of Traditional Chaat Items (Street Snacks usually eaten with hands)with one special item that changes weekly.
Course 2 brings out our Indo-Chinese delicacies, Special Rice of the day, Veggie Manchurian (Veggie Meat balls) and our famous noodles.
The last course is like a icing on the cake, bringing out the most  sought after street foods from Mumbai, Vada Pav (Bombay Burger), Pav Bhaji (Veggie Stew with Toasted Bun) and a roti wrap to round it off.

We end this with a special sw...

August 2, 2016

Question for everyone, can you tell the difference between the 2 items on top and 2 items on the bottom? The difference is only in where the raw materials come from, the items on bottom are made from flesh of an animal that wanted to live, fought for its life and lost; while the items on top taste exactly the same but are cruelty free...What will you choose???

For people like us; who abandoned animal products after learning about the perils of factory farming and the cruelty associated with the process, there are times that we miss those curries or kabobs. Hence, we have long debated a need to have meatless alternatives of some of the famous street food items like chicken tikka and kheema (ground meat).

Between a busy truck season, all you can eat restaurant and the spending quality time with our little daughter we did not have time to experiment with the recipes or different meat alternatives available in the market. But last couple of weeks we decided to experiment with...